How can I help?

Do you want to live a clean life but don’t really know where to start?  Or even why?  Many people talk about clean eating and non-toxic living, but what does that mean and how and why should I apply those principles to all areas of my life?  That is what I am here to answer.

My goals are to help families avoid environmental toxins, eat to maximize wellness, and help parents and babies thrive through open, positive, and empowering relationships.

Let's partner together to start enjoying a simpler, cleaner, and happier life!



Why do you need me?

I take the guess work out of clean living.  There is an information overload in todays world and I want you to feel like you have someone to turn to for information and answers.  If you need to buy a new product, make a lifestyle change or simply learn about health, I want to be here with well researched information.  I am here to break down the barriers that prevent you from making the best choices with the information we have!

  • Looking to improve your health?  I will take you through a step by step process of cleaning and detoxifying your environment to make a healthier you!
  • Are you expecting?  Let me help you navigate the information overload and simplify the information you need, catered to your wishes, to allow you to enjoy every step of this journey by being confident you are making smart health decisions for your growing family!
  • Already a parent? Let's focus on providing healthy food, a positive environment, and the cleanest products and toys for all members of the family!